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Sata Wire

SATA Cables: What Are They? Devices in computer cable assemblies, such as storage devices, are connected via Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) or Serial ATA cables.

Apex laptop service


Install front-panel FireWire and/or audio connectors the same way if your motherboard and case have space for them, making sure the wires' pinouts match.

Laptop service center


Check out all the dirt and debris in the CPU. To brush and remove that, we will use a spare, extremely soft toothbrush. Brushing between each blade of the CPU as you go from the center out.

laptop battery replacement

Battery Replacement

This article will assist you in doing the repair fast and effectively so you can return to work and make the most of your device's battery life.

laptop body part replacement

Top panel Replacement

It is a universal laptop back cover replacement for the original part. This is a high-quality replacement laptop back cover replacement. In the meantime, this is a brand new hard case for laptop back cover replacement

laptop screen replacement

Screen Replacement

We are involved in presenting an exclusive range of Laptop Screen Repair & Replacement Service. With the aid of modern technology repair tools, our professionals provide the offered range of services.

laptop Ram

RAM Install

Without RAM, your computer will never function, and if the installed RAM needs to be upgraded, it won't function well enough. The procedures for removing your outdated RAM modules and installing new ones are listed below. Before attempting to increase the RAM in your computer, be sure you have the correct model of RAM modules.

laptop ssd

Hard Disk SSD

Use the spacer that came with your Crucial SSD to secure the SSD to the drive if it doesn't fit tightly by peeled off the adhesive and adhering the spacer onto the drive. The SSD can be made to have the same thickness as the old drive you took out by attaching the spacer.

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It's simple to instal a new SSD (solid state drive) in your laptop, but there are some extra steps you'll need to complete if you want to make the new drive your primary hard drive. This wikiHow article will demonstrate how to select, mount, and instal the ideal SSD for your laptop..

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